Set tempo for style - how ??

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Set tempo for style - how ??

Postby SizZleR » 15:07, 12 January 2016

Im doing user styles, but im quite fed up with the tempo not saving.

I go to the menu, choose "Style composer" then choose a part, press "Tap tempo", use the dial to set desired tempo, press "write", choose "style", confirm overwrite etc. and TADAAAA, tempo is back to whatever it was before.

Performance does save the tempo yes, but its still annoying that if u by accident hit the arrow up so it goes from performance selection to style selection, the tempo of the style is inherited and u have to either set it again or go to another performance and back again to have it apply the correct tempo.

The results I get from googling it are rather confusing, because in some way it seems like the tempo cant be set for a style and in some other way its implied that it can.

None the less, the tempo setting must be registered somewhere as the keyboard obviously don't just apply a random setting, so most logical thought must be, that the tempo can be altered AND SAVED along with the style?

The only way I can find to set the default tempo for a style is thru the "Init" option within the style composer.

However while it does set the tempo, it also erases all division content, meaning youd have to redo the whole style part by part.

Another approach would be to init a new style with the tempo u want, then copy all division content to the new style, save and overwrite the old style and voila, task accomplished by crossing the river to get water....or so it would seem.

None the less, I actually wrote down a full 12 step guide for that method here and were ready to post, when I decided to try it out first, not because I didn't feel confident that Roland ofc made an option to copy parts, division and even complete style content between styles, but still, I was also confident that they would make a simple option to set the tempo of any style, just like they did for setting the time signature.

So I initialized a style, set the tempo and went to copy parts and divisions from another style.
First of all, you cant copy all parts and all divisions at once, you can copy one or all parts, and one or all divisions in a group.

I.e. you can copy All parts (Maj, min and 7th) from All Main (Main1...Main4), so youd have to repeat the copy process up to 4 times depending on how many divisions u want to copy.

While it being a tedious process to go thru just to change something as basic as the tempo, it would at least serve do the trick in the end.

However, the copy function doesn't work.....or at least I cant get it to work.

I chose "Copy", then I selected the source (one of my user styles), selected AllPart and AllMain.
For destination I selected AllPart and AllMain, then hit "Execute"; Got a confirmation that the copy completed.

Then I pressed "Exit" until I was at the part view screen (first screen u get when entering the "Style Composer") and everything was empty there, all "dots" and no "squares".
Then I went to "Main1", chose "Micro" and everything there was empty as well, nothing had been copied.

So I gave it a final shot and created something in Main1 by pressing the "Rec" button and hit start/stop, which causes prg change, bank select etc. to be written.

After that I redid the copy procedure, but with the same result, nothing got copied.
So this feature is apparently bugged, because even if I did something wrong, it shdnt confirm that the copy process completed when nothing was copied.

Quite frankly, im getting the feeling that Roland is becoming somewhat lazy with their products, no matter what I google about their newer stuff, ppl complain about bugs everywhere?

I do agree that "all software" have bugs, heck even C64 games had bugs and a lot of them were less than 38kB in size.
The GW-8 is a VERY basic arranger keyboard, even when compared to 20 y.o. E-series models, so it shdnt be new to Roland to make the GW-8.... :-/
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