E-A7 - specs?

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E-A7 - specs?

Postby SizZleR » 11:31, 14 January 2016

Does anyone have any information on the E-A7, like what sound engine does it use? On Rolands website it only says "over 1,500" sounds; Well that's nice, but where are they inherited from, for what I know it might as well be the SC- or G- series sound library, repacked into a new fancy case. X-)

Currently ive got a GW-8 and for electronic styles, it does really well, especially when taking the low price into account.

However it lacks some crucial features, for instance you cant really edit tones, its like it has two sets of filters that applies to upper and lower part accordingly and those settings are lost once u select another tone; No save option and hence no possibility to use an edited tone in a style or sequence.

It seems to have only 3 MFX engines, while that may be enough for most stuff, its incredibly annoying that you cant manually assign them to the parts where u need them. You have 1 for upper, 1 for lower and 1 for style, not even the option of routing more parts thru the same MFX engine.

So again, when u browse the tones to find that right one for your style ACCx, the MFX that defaults with the tone doesn't apply once used in a style track.

An example when yesterday I decided to do "The Robots" by Kraftwerk, I could easily browse thru the sounds and find some close to the ones used by Kraftwerk, all I needed to do was tweaking them a little bit, for instance the reso bass needed more reso and another perc-ish sound needed way more volume as its default MFX is removed when used in a style.

When I need to shift between tones during performance, I can only "bookmark" (favorite) the tones I need in order to quick access them, but I cant save any MFX or filter settings with it, so I have to set that up while playing and scrolling thru more than 70 MFX types to find the one I need and setting the values on it just isn't a possibility.

Also, most of the acoustic sounds truly stinks, namely brass and woodwind. :-/

Based on that for reasons, do you think id be happy/happier with an E-A7? :-D
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