Roland A-800PRO MIDI controller advice

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Roland A-800PRO MIDI controller advice

Postby stephenmendes » 21:56, 31 May 2016

After 3 years.... the pitch/mod stick and the 9 sliders became sticky to the touch.

I did extensive googling and figured out it was probably decay of a rubberized coating that was applied originally to give a "higher quality feel" than the "plain old plastic"...... all the links mentioning this problem (with other products) said it could be removed with "rubbing alcohol" and PLENTY of rubbing.

So armed with a bottle of the stuff and an old sock I went at it .... remove the slider caps first....

I am pleased to say that I successfully removed all the coating down to the "shiny plastic" ..... and there is no more sticky sensation on either the sliders or the pitch/mod stick.

However...... since I also own VR-09 and FA-06, both of which are only a year old.... I am hoping that Roland has stopped applying the coating as it is unnecessary and a source of later misery to loyal owners of their gear.

Any feedback would be appreciated..... and I hope this post helps somebody.
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