Roland GW-8 Help!! no decent tutorials online

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Roland GW-8 Help!! no decent tutorials online

Postby Glasgowgolfer » 12:17, 4 October 2016

Hi All
I am a beginner and bought a Roland GW-8 Keyboard as I loved the simple USB feature where you can play along with any song....I have searched online and cant seem to find any helpful tutorials that can tell me what all the buttons actually do!!! the manual that comes with the keyboard assumes that the owner is musically minded and is not very helpful ....there appears to be loads of good stuff online if you have a juno etc but the GW-8 seems to be the blacksheep ....I am even thinking about selling as I have this amazing backing instrument that can do amazing things but do not have the savy to work out how to play the dam thing.........
helppppppp ;o)
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