KR-4500 weird pattern of non-working keys

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KR-4500 weird pattern of non-working keys

Postby davetelling » 02:23, 6 March 2017

My son has a KR-4500 that was given to him, and it has an odd problem. There are several notes - Eb, G are two examples, where alternating octaves don't work. For example, the lowest Eb doesn't work, but the next octave up it does. Then the one after that, it doesn't, and so on, The same thing for the G key, but in that case, the lowest G works, then the next doesn't and so on. It doesn't seem to be a random "one key died", but rather a pattern. I did a quick look inside, but nothing appears to be broken, corroded, or burnt up. I have no service information (no schematic, PCB parts layout, etc. ) and I'm on the road visiting him, so I have no test equipment, either.
Any ideas as to what this odd behavior might signify? According to my son, they just noticed it recently.
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