Roland FA08 with Roland A800 Pro Midi keyboard

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Roland FA08 with Roland A800 Pro Midi keyboard

Postby FrankP » 20:30, 23 April 2017

Hi everybody!

I bought myself a Roland A800 Pro Midi controller to "play with". I'm new in this whole midi-world, so I don't know that much about it... But I already have a Roland FA08 (and a Juno Ds61).
I'v heard that you can connect te midi controller to the FA08 so you can combine them and use the sounds of the FA08 on the A800 Pro.
I've read both manuals, searched the web and youtube... I can't seem find a way to connect the midi keyboard to the FA08. Is there anyone that can help me with this?

I want to achieve something like Ed Dias does with the Fantom G and the A800 Pro on this youtube-link:
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