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Postby tomo » 17:56, 14 March 2017

I'm using this keyboard professionally as a replacement for my aging Fantom X6 which was bought third-handed and wasn't stable enough for me anymore. In most aspects, Juno DS is a fine alternative for the Fantom, but I do have a few gripes about it. Most notable flaws for me are:

1) Juno DS, unlike the Fantom X, can't import a set of samples (multisample). Instead, it can load only one sample at the time and then it stretches it across the range of the keyboard, which in most cases, leads to audible artifacts in a form of samples playing too slow or fast as soon as you step out the range of abt. 1.5 octave, which is a very small playable space. Multisampling support would have solved this issue.

2) It would be nice if one could have at least two Roland Axial expansions installed in the memory. Fantom X used SRX cards for expansion and you could have up to four of them installed and available at the same time. Since Roland Axial expansions basically contain the sounds from SRX cards, it's a shame you can use only one expansion at a time.

I'm so sorry I haven't noticed this thread earlier (I haven't visited Roland Clan for a while). I hope it's not too late for me to add my wishes for Juno DS.
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Postby Wackienne » 00:25, 23 November 2017

jojoman wrote:
dievas wrote:EXP free Axial expansions can't be saved in the internal memory of the Juno DS.

As the whole EXP collection no, but let's say you find an organ patch that you like. Just "WRITE" it to a "USER" patch. You can keep it the same or rewrite the name although it's a good idea to keep notes on where the original patch came from. That way you have a starting point again should you change the patch beyond what you first started with.

The DS has twice as many USER patches as the Di so that makes it easier to build up a bigger collection from the EXP patches.

I just got my DS61 and I'm a bit in the dark. I couldn't get this to work. I tried writing a patch from an Axial EXP set to a User patch, but when I loaded in a different set, my User patch showed, but there was no sound. What did I miss?
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Postby o carl » 08:22, 9 December 2017

it would be great to connect a external memory disk, so all axial sound banks been direct accessable.it would be possible to develope system firmware.
o carl
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Postby yannleo » 16:42, 2 January 2018

Roland wants you to buy all its keyboards. If Roland add all those function into DS, then you won’t buy FA, Jupiter, v-combo, bk9 etc.
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Postby AaronPDX1 » 06:18, 11 January 2018

@Wackienne: This is because your user patch was reliant on the loaded EXP data from that previous set. So while you've saved a record of your customizations, without those waves loaded, you won't hear a sound because it's trying to draw from data that's no longer loaded.
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Postby AaronPDX1 » 06:21, 11 January 2018

Is this still being looked at by the OP?

a) I would like option to get current date and time from a connected computer, in order to have USB backups show the proper date instead of the factory software creation date (2015)! (I've emailed Roland this but no response.)

b) Ability to set arpeggio defaults. In particular I'm thinking of duration which unless I'm mistaken always defaults to 80% and can't be saved permanently.

c) Ability to save customized arpeggio options with a Performance.
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Postby etherweet » 01:58, 14 January 2018

i always wish for what i cant have. the exp batches range from 1 to 11 and 11 isnt available for the ds. so i tried loading it in and it safely exits with a checksum error harmlessly. well.. it blows out the exp you had in before, so you have to load it in again.

i guess if i had my heart set on it id load exp11 into the fa and sample what i just couldnt live without and use the *ahem* ea7 sound editor and then stick em in the ds.

has anyone else tried out the ea7 editor to edit your samples and then import them to juno, fa, or ds ? i havent been able to allocate the time right now because of the IBC next week.

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