2 piano in one, It works!

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2 piano in one, It works!

Postby o carl » 23:23, 25 November 2016

is it possible to key transpose two sound, down and up , when using Split performance. whit piano sound in the two splitzon then DS88 could be used as two separate small pianos. one for teacher and one for student. Page 6 in owners manual "playing different tones with right and left hands (split)" mybe a software update transform juno DS 88 to a Music education maschine?
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o carl
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Re: 2 piano in one

Postby o carl » 02:35, 28 November 2016

I figure out this way. but are there any better way? how to [exit] this , Before Power off ?

1 press [split]-button, now there is two sound

2 press[<] in "meny-section" to get to patchfield, in my case Gt:058

3 press [piano]-button. now you get Pf:S01 Grand Pno DS, on bout side of C4-key

4 press [transpose] button to transpose ON

5 press octave [up] 1 or 2 times depending what you want to play

6 press [>] in "meny-section" to get to the other split-patch and press [transpose] ON

7 press ctave [down]

Now you get two piano, in same octave. so two person can practice and learn together.
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It is possible to change split key to, se userguide page 6, "playing different tones with Your right and left hands (split)"

to get out of this settings. I just do in reverse order.
transpose up/down to 0, and press [transpose] off.
press [<] to get to 2nd sound-split, transpose down to 0, press [transpose] off, press [split] to get out of split.mode.
now your back in ordinary mode
o carl
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Re: 2 piano in one, It works!

Postby QmusicRAZZ » 06:48, 5 February 2017

Well of course, and it is easy. Just take two patches, probably should be the same piano sound, perform a split and transpose them with in their parts. I used to do this all the time on my Juno Gi. You can even do this just in the part section.
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