Sustain doesn't Fade Out

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Sustain doesn't Fade Out

Postby Necross » 10:31, 26 January 2017


I'm relative new with the Roland Juno DS 61. I have a problem with the Sustain. With my previous keyboard it was possible to "fade out" the sound with pressing the sustain. When I press the sustain with the Juno-DS only the piano-sounds are fading out. All Strings, Synth, Vocal ... are getting "hold" by the sustain. I tried all Settings in Menu-System->Pedal but it just wont work.

How can I fade out (release) all the sounds?

Best regards
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Re: Sustain doesn't Fade Out

Postby big jilm » 16:23, 23 February 2017

I would like to know how to fix this as well - I want my organs, etc to hold and fade like the pianos do when I press the foot pedal.

Anyone know how to make that happen?
big jilm
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Re: Sustain doesn't Fade Out

Postby Bomi » 23:14, 26 February 2017

never seen on any synth or keyboard a fade out-hold for organs... don't think that this is doable.
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