Another noob question about Juno DS61

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Another noob question about Juno DS61

Postby panicPatch » 02:39, 14 February 2017

Hi everyone,

I am a piano player and about to purchase my first synthesizer. I will play it at small venue gigs so I need something small and light - hence I am set on the 61 keys version. I read extensively in the past days about key beds, about Roland, Korg, Yamaha and Casio, I know that 88-keys version have different key beds than 73/61 synths (tried an FA-08 and Krome 81 at Guitar Center) but in this case the size and weight does matter (and I will adapt to synth action if I have to).

Right now my first preference is Juno DS61. So here is my beginner's question: let's say I am playing organ (both hands) and at some point I want to split the keyboard and play steel guitar with my left hand (while still playing organ with my right). I want this to happen completely transparent to the audience, without affecting the organ sound (no interruptions, sound artifacts, etc.) while operating the buttons. Is this possible with Juno DS61 ? Or do I need to step up to FA-06 ?

I know the technical differences between DS61 and FA-06 (supernatural sounds, linear sequencer, 16 patches, etc.), but is it FA-06 much better _on stage_ than DS61 ? I want to emphasize the playing on *stage* goal here as opposed to studio work (where, I course, I would look at FA-08).

Being a beginner, I wonder whether I will use, or need the power of the FA-06 in this case (i.e., I would prefer not paying $500 more for features I won't use).

Thank you.
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