Controller options DS88

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Controller options DS88

Postby Anton » 11:10, 18 April 2017


I have a question about controlling sounds with the footcontroller, sustainpedal and pitchbender.

Can these controllers be mapped/programmed to individual layers/sounds?

For example:
- Splits where the picth bender only influences the upper part and not the lower part.
- Footcontroller only controlling the volume of the strings and not the piano volume in a strings/piano patch.
- The sustain pedal holding a bass arpeggio without holding other sounds in a performance
etc. etc

I think you get what I am looking for. Pleasse let me know if this is possible.

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Re: Controller options DS88

Postby pgreco » 02:08, 19 April 2017

I have the DS61 but the answer should be the same.

in Performance Edit, on the MIDI tab, you can independently enable or disable whether or not each part responds to Pitch Bend (abbreviated PB), Volume (VO), Expression (ES) and other parameters. Just navigate to the appropriate row/column in the grid (using the arrow keys) and then use the dial to enable (check mark) or disable (dash) that parameter. So for example if you have layered Piano + some wind instrument, you can have the pitch bend only apply to the wind instrument. This is explained on page 20 of the Parameter Guide:

There is another way to answer the expression pedal question. On the LEVEL/CH tab in the Performance Edit window you can specify the MIDI channel (RxCh) independently for each voice - e.g. RxCh=1 for Part 1, and RxCh=2 for Part 2. I have a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller, which has 2 expression pedals, and each can be set to transmit on a separate MIDI channel (e.g. left-hand pedal on Channel 1, right-hand pedal on Channel 2).
This sort of configuration can allow you to independently control the volume of each part. But again, if you have disabled the expression parameter for one of the parts (e.g. Piano) on the MIDI tab, that part would not respond to the expression pedal, even if on the same channel.

I have not done much with Patch Edit, but I believe that's where you could specify whether or not the sustain command is respected.

I hope this helps. It's very flexible.
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Re: Controller options DS88

Postby Anton » 07:53, 19 April 2017

Thanks for the help. I will try this out tonight.

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