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Dull Keyboard Sound

Postby kctsang » 05:22, 4 February 2018

Hi all,

So I posted here awhile back about a certain issue with the sound coming out of my Juno DS 88. I'm still dealing with the issue, but here is a refresher.

So, I got a Roland JunoDS 88 plugged into a Scarlett 2i2. The Scarlett is plugged into an Alesis RA150 amp going into a pair of Alesis MKII passive monitors. All connections are done using Monoprice TRS cables.

My problem is that, when I plug in my headphones to the keyboard itself, the piano patch sounds great. But when I listen to it through my monitors, or when I listen via headphones plugged into the interface, the piano sounds rather dull/flat.

I also tried arming a track in my DAW (Studio One) so that I can hear it in stereo. It sounds a little better, but not as good as headphones into the keyboard.

Any suggestions? I read that a higher quality of TRS cables might help. Another factor might be because the amp isn't feeding enough watts into the monitors. The speaker manual suggests 150W into 4ohms. My current RA150 only feeds 75W into 4ohms.

I also heard a better audio interface or even getting a DI box might help.

Thanks in advance!

- Ken

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Re: Dull Keyboard Sound

Postby joelfan » 16:05, 11 February 2018

There must be a problem with the OUTs.
I cannot see anything else.
Please send back to your dealer for reapir.
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