Sequencer starting on second bar in Ableton

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Sequencer starting on second bar in Ableton

Postby Synthnonymous » 02:16, 13 August 2017

System-8 connected to Ableton via USB MIDI. Hit play in Ableton and System-8 starts its sequencer on the second bar. I have tried pretty much all the settings in System-8 and it always insists on starting on the second bar (5th light). Once it starts, it completes the sequence and the next round starts on the first note of the first bar as normal - but of course it means the sequence is "always" a bar off on start.

I have a pile of other synths connected in the same way including a JD-XA and all start on note 1 bar 1.

Anyone else seeing (and hopefully resolved) this?

Latest firmware.
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Re: Sequencer starting on second bar in Ableton

Postby GilgaFrank » 13:52, 14 August 2017

The System-8 sequencer will start playing when it gets a MIDI realtime start mesasge from your DAW. That should really happen as soon as it starts playing back, have you tried starting the DAW a bar early?
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