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poly 2

Postby Acidizer » 18:02, 9 November 2017

what exactly does the poly 2 mode do?

how is it different to the standard poly mode?

anyone use it?
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Re: poly 2

Postby andyr1960 » 18:40, 9 November 2017

I presume you're referring to the Jupiter 8 engine?

Poly 2 cuts off any played notes in the release phase and re-triggers the envelopes when a new note is played. Poly 1 allows the release stage to complete.

E.G. In Poly 2 Mode, play a C chord with a long release, then play a G chord - the C chord will immediately cut off when G is played.

In Poly 1 Mode the C chord isn't cut off (it'll continue the release phase while you play the new G chord).
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Re: poly 2

Postby papasan » 17:32, 10 November 2017

I assume you mean JP-8 Poly mode 2?

Poly mode 1 plays each note with it's own natural release length.

Poly mode 2 plays the last note or notes played together at their own natural release length. All previous notes receive instantaneous release.
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