System 8 vs Jupiter 80

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System 8 vs Jupiter 80

Postby ryanloader » 05:15, 3 February 2018


I was looking to buy another synth , Anyone have both the Jupiter 80 and Sys8 ?

Sounds great to me but was wondering if having 2 Roland boards would be too " Rolandy" and not enough difference in sound character . Deepmind 12 seems to offer nice organic sounds as well where system 8 seems to just excel at EDM type sounds

eg nice funky sounds

Can the System 8 also recreate these sounds like these organy / electric rhodesy sounds

or just mainly this ... uU&index=2

while this sounds amazing it all starts to sound the same to me sonically after track 5
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Re: System 8 vs Jupiter 80

Postby Devnor » 20:37, 9 February 2018

Can't judge a System 8 by the presets. It's an analog synth so that entire pallet of tones are there with with programming. Both are virtual analog but I think the S8 sounds better where you need to layer Jupiter SN synth tones for the same effect. They do sound different to my ears. Totally different capabilities since you can use PCM with the Jupiter. S8 and JP80 would be great. I'm holding out to see the new Korg Prologue.
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