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Ipad App/Mac editor

Postby MacTyros » 12:09, 28 February 2017

I hope there will be an ipad app/editor to accompany this instrument..

If done right, it will add so much...
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Re: Ipad App/Mac editor

Postby ewanh » 06:23, 28 April 2017

I agree completely with you!
It would be great to have something to help us build patches with some slightly bigger real estate screens.
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Re: Ipad App/Mac editor

Postby Benjo26 » 05:26, 9 June 2017

I would love to create something like this.

There seems to be a major obstacle, however -

From my reading of the RD-2000 MIDI implementation manual, there is no sysex command to execute a live set write. This is a crippling disadvantage in trying to create such software.

Would love to hear if there actually is such a command!
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Re: Ipad App/Mac editor

Postby nikandros » 01:22, 2 September 2017

So, no hope for an editor for RD2000?
Maybe we need this guy to look into this:
https://synth-voice.sakura.ne.jp/Integr ... glish.html
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