RD2000 Controlling Rotary speed for TW organ

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RD2000 Controlling Rotary speed for TW organ

Postby musomarc » 07:32, 27 March 2017

Hi. Just purchased a Roland RD2000, great keyboard!
I have been using Roland keyboards since their conception 1970s.Another learning curve another keyboard but so far far so good,it is set out quite logically-thanks Roland.
I have watched all of the Roland channel youtube videos on the Rd2000 and am getting my head around most functions BUT-
I am still having trouble using the TW organ sounds and how to control the Leslie/Rotary speaker control (fast/slow) from the mod wheel and a control pedal?
I owned and used a Hammond B3 organ and Leslie speaker back in the day and purchased the RD2000 particularly with the advantage of using the sliders for organ drawbar control and the ability to use an onboard Rotary speaker (Leslie sim) control for switching from fast to slow and altering speed and time delay etc for top and bottom rotor.I own and regularly use a Neo Ventilator for a Leslie sim but would really appreciate any help from users on doing the same with the RD2000 internal effects, mod wheel etc.
Any help from other RD2000 users who have worked this out would be greatly appreciated.
PS As a vintage keyboard lover/owner-Wurlie, Rhodes suitcase and stage piano user and a player I love the variety and attention to detail in the RD2000 vintage piano sounds -they are amazing and spot on.
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Re: RD2000 Controlling Rotary speed for TW organ

Postby Ludvig » 13:06, 5 April 2017

Hold [SHIFT] and move one of the Mod Wheels to get to the assign page. Select Rotary Speed as Destination.
The Shift-button is your friend!

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Re: RD2000 Controlling Rotary speed for TW organ

Postby thepianoplayer » 11:26, 20 April 2017

Beware of excessive use of the SHIFT key!

Roland has put a lot of functionality behind this key so if you give it excessive use, it will fail long before the rest of the buttons, and this will mean a trip to the service department.

The same thing applies to the INC & DEC keys - use the dial as much as possible to reduce the workload on these buttons.
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