Uploading files Axial \ EXP ... how?

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Uploading files Axial \ EXP ... how?

Postby DaveHorne » 22:40, 25 April 2017

We're supposedly allowed to download Axial files to Bank A \ B ... EXP on the RD 2000.

I've unzipped a file from Axial, placed the unzipped files at root level on a USB stick formatted on the RD 2000 ... and now what do I do? There's extremely little information on this feature.

Has anyone succeeded in installing any files from Axial onto the RD 2000?

If you have, I'd like to know how it's done. The only screen message I see on the RD 2000 when accessing the USB drive with those unzipped files is ... EXP No Media.

The Axial site is also not very helpful.
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