RD-2000 w/secondary controller (MIDI IN) & Zones

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RD-2000 w/secondary controller (MIDI IN) & Zones

Postby HSFlik » 03:14, 3 May 2017

I just got my RD-2000 today, and I've been toying with various ways to use a secondary controller simultaneously, for a dual keyboard setup, but using only the RD-2000's sound engine.

My ideal setup would be to set some zones (say 1-4) to be controlled by the RD-2000, while other zones (5-8) would be controlled by the Roland A-49 MIDI controller that I've connected. I've KIND OF pulled this off.

In toying with this, I've discovered so far that:
- Zones 1-8 correspond to MIDI channels 1-8. That is, if you have a controller hooked up via MIDI IN, if the controller transmitting on channel 1, zone 1 plays back. Transmitting on channel 2, zone 2 plays back. etc.
- The INT/EXT buttons that correspond to the zones only affect MIDI input from the RD-2000. That is, if you have a connected MIDI controller transmitting on channel 2, but Zone 2 is disabled, the sound will still be triggered.
- I have not tested exhaustively yet, but it appears that MIDI channels 9-16 are present and can be set independently. Channel 10 is of course, percussion. It does not seem possible to be able to save the tones assigned to MIDI channels 9-16, at least not yet. They might be some generic GM bank and not SuperNATURAL sounds, however. When inputting program numbers, the values seemed to correspond with a 0-based GM map.

If there is a way to actually save / write settings for channels/zones 9-16, that would be fantastic.
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