New user struggling with first Roland keyboard

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New user struggling with first Roland keyboard

Postby SledDriver » 03:11, 8 October 2017

Anyone found a decent manual or tutorials written in English (rather than poorly translated into it) for this wonderful keyboard. I'm rather hoping there is an enthusiast site somewhere which explains the workings of the instrument in somewhat clearer language/diagrams, but Google has only turned up some VERY brief video tutorials which explain little, and this forum, which isn't a tutorial.

And it's not just the translation. Little effort has been put into this manual.

Example from Page 16:

"Memo: If you use the ZONE EFFECTS [SELECT] button to select 'CTRL', the [DLY SEND] knob can adjust the delay send level. If this value is '0', turning the DELAY [LEVEL]-[FEEDBACK] knobs has no effect. --> 'DLY (Delay Send Level)' in the zone settings (ZONE EDIT."

Well just what on earth is that supposed to mean??

And there is NO DLY SEND knob on my RD-2000.

The manual is just fully off these half baked ambiguous statements, which is making it very hard to learn this instrument.

Also, I'm sure I am seeing a bug when using Modulation - when I move away from a zone and then come back, the encoder knob light indicators are not updating properly with the correct values for the zone, and then as soon as I touch the knobs, the values are jumping to the levels previously set immediately - negating the whole point of having encoder knobs in the first place.

I'm on firmware 1.03

Anyone else seeing these problems?

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