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system 8 owners

Postby rcmusic35 » 09:18, 6 May 2017

still nothing for system 8 user. they are saying something will come since weeks least S8 plug in should be free, really need a librarian...
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Re: system 8 owners

Postby jerry_merry » 12:50, 8 May 2017

Here is an interesting conversation I was having with the Roland Cloud bunch on facebook.

I will just add the critical comments from Roland Cloud......

My Question.....
Ok, lets change the question slightly. When will the Jupiter and juno plug outs be available to purchase from the Content store? Also when will you release further plugouts for the system 8 and will they be available to purchase also from the content store or will they only be available to rent from Roland cloud?

And Roland Clouds Answer.......

Roland Cloud The good news is that we don't "rent" anything. You have a membership and after one year you keep a plugin of your choice... forever. So if you do the math, its more like interest free payments while you have access to upwards of what will eventually be 50 plus products. Secondly, System 8 owners will be offered an incentive so sign up on our free trial or wait a while and enjoy the service. Third, content store is going to go away. It's in a transition but there are currently no plans to release anything new there. But, by making these plugouts more widely available under this model, it means we won't discontinue ACB plugouts a few years from now as would be expected. We will be able to support your System 8 much longer. Roland Cloud isn't a store but a service that is dedicated to keeping your software functioning and your sounds fresh. It doesn't cost anything more than roughly a plugout a year and you're still "owning" not "renting" with us. And we are introducing technologies such as rendering that will make life easier and music far more productive than the way software worked in the past. Enjoy!
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Re: system 8 owners

Postby Skijumptoes » 14:35, 8 May 2017

I've not seen anything about owning a plugin of your choice after 12 months of membership?

They are doing such a poor job at communicating this service, it's ridiculous.
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Re: system 8 owners

Postby Manic » 12:17, 20 May 2017

According to this I guess there will be new plug-outs for the S8 on June 20 :)
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