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Postby skinmechanic » 12:51, 8 August 2017

I trialled it recently for the 30 days free period, for me I found;

1. On a various number of occasions projects I was using them in (not finished enough to bounce down to audio) wouldn't work as the Roland Cloud couldn't be contacted by the Plugins even though the Cloud connector was connected.

2. The sheer laziness in programming these plugins to be resource hungry is unbelievable and the worst culprit is the plugin Concerto which is sample based and limited the very plugin you expect to be stable the dropping out of audio, pops and clicks and unable to bounce down clear audio left a lot of what was in there unusable

3. This is the biggest for me in 3 years you will have paid on average £900 for plugins that are in my mind not flexible, some are not even written properly, the UI's are too small and as I've said the programming is very lazy in that they take up too much resources. You also cannot use them offline which is ridiculous. If you actually look at on average how many of those plugins any average person would use £900 is a lot for something they won't actually own.
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