SonicCell backwards compatibility with the JV series? (ROM)

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SonicCell backwards compatibility with the JV series? (ROM)

Postby Noteman » 22:39, 16 May 2017

As far as I know Sonic Cell is not completely backwards compatible with the JV series, however my understanding is that it still does contain many waveforms from it. I would like to get a clarification on few waveforms of interest.

- Are the Sonic Cell's JD Piano A/B/C waveforms the same as AC Piano1 A/B/C on the JV series? Further, is the AC Piano1 A the same as AC Piano1 A on the SRX-06 Orchestra (weird!)?

- Is the Orch. Hit waveform the same in the Sonic Cell and the JVs?

- Is the Synth Reed waveform from JV ported to Sonic Cell with some other alias?

Thank you very much!
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Re: SonicCell backwards compatibility with the JV series? (R

Postby rcraven » 06:01, 18 May 2017

Are you talking about the JV synths (JV1080 JV2080 etc) or the JV80 wave and patch cards, the precursors to the SRX cards?

If you are talking about the cards then in most cases yes.
When I wrote a conversion program to take XV patches to FantomS/X to SonicCell, I could find either a direct match (same name & same wave) or different name, but same wave or close enough wave.
I have a XV3080, FanS, FanX and a SonicCell and I used the initial patch in each just changing the wave in Tone 1 to compare the waves.

Roland reused their wave library in their 'new' synths over and over.
Then when the SRX cards came out they used all (or nearly all) of the JV80 waves in a few SRX cards.
They ended up making SRX cards that contained the waves and a lot of the patches of couple of JV80 cards.

As each new model synth came out new waves were added (really the only difference between the FanS and FanX is an extra bank of waves in the FanX plus a few extra minor things), but a lot of these were taken from the SRX waves especially after they added a second Piano SRX card.

This is true of the synth after the FanX, the SonicCell, as well. Some waves were dropped and some were added, but mainly they were given slightly different names and placed in a different slot.

There is a special set of SonicCell piano waves, but I suspect these are from the SRX cards.
Of the piano SRX cards I only ever had the SRX2 and I sold that when I realised I already had it in one of the synths. I think the FanX, but it might have been the SonicCell.

All of the extra JV80 patches originally for the XV (I think we got them all) were converted for FanS/X and SonicCell are available either here or on my website including the original XV patches
, but you need to have the correct SRX cards otherwise the patches can't find the correct wave and won't sound.

All the best
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Re: SonicCell backwards compatibility with the JV series? (R

Postby Noteman » 08:21, 18 May 2017

Hi RcRaven,

I should have specified. Specifically, I mean the JV-1080.

Do you know if the first piano waves in the JV-1080 are the "JD pianos" waves in sonic cell / fantom X rom? I am starting to think they are not the same since in the orchestral SRX board (06) there is a piano with the exact same name as the stock JV-1080 piano waveform. I find it weird they would pack stock JV-1080 waves on the orchestral board, but that seems to be the case.
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Re: SonicCell backwards compatibility with the JV series? (R

Postby Noteman » 00:11, 8 June 2017

I played with the sonic cell a bit more and indeed, the JD piano 1 of the stock waveforms sounds exactly same as the AC piano 1 of the Orchestral SRX board. So the answer to my question based on that appears yes, the SRX board has stock JV-1080 samples (weird) and Roland renamed the AC piano samples after fantom's release (weird again!). I wonder what other samples were renamed (especially whether the synth reed waveform is somewhere on board).
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