Time for a new screen?

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Time for a new screen?

Postby Maarkr » 18:07, 30 July 2017

Got my juno-G back in 2011 and I try to keep up in the forums, particularly about the screen issues. Every year that goes by I wonder if my screen will ever act up. Well, now the display has started intermittent banding from the left side. Sometimes restarting it will help, maybe tapping it in spots, or adjusting the contrast. I talked with Roland out in Ca and have lined up a repair shop in my state that will repair it and get reimbursed from Roland so long as I supply a sales receipt.
For those that have had screen problems, does it start with the banding and lightening in spots intermittently? I don't want to look like a fool and take it into the shop and have them not reproduce the issue.
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Re: Time for a new screen?

Postby Leo Castro » 12:08, 31 July 2017

Mine start with some wrong characters and blank spots.
But since i change to a new one (with new os 2.01) no more problems and it has better clear image.
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Re: Time for a new screen?

Postby Tarkov72 » 02:35, 26 August 2017

When my screen died, it just became jumbled where pieces would be out of place. One thing I once heard was that all original Juno-G screens are destined to fail so it's a matter of when not if. Roland has been very cool about this for original owners (considering it was a pretty bad screw up) covering mine over 7 years out of warranty. I'd go ahead and take it in and I imagine they'll just go ahead and replace it without asking many questions as long as you're the original owner.
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Re: Time for a new screen?

Postby genesis92 » 09:50, 5 September 2017

you're wrong ;), replacing my LCD from roland for the ....third time! was a battle with them! even if they know it's a manufacturing default of the LCD. (now they have built a new LCD but you must pay for it (so pay to solve their manufacturing quality problems). this new LCD requires a firmware upgrade to 2.01 like you.
hopefully my local retailer have done the repair for free but that was not easy....I gave him some chocolates to thanks him :)
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