No panoramic in my headphone

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No panoramic in my headphone

Postby aeon666 » 20:42, 25 August 2017

Hi everybody ,
I m new user of the JP80 from France.(Sorry for my English)
I have a problem with the panoramic when I use my headphone link directly on the JP80. I turn the pan level at left or right but the sound stay at the center and the volume increase. I don't understand, somebody can help me please? Thank you
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Re: No panoramic in my headphone

Postby musicsound » 09:38, 26 September 2017


I have had a similar problem in the past. The whole stereo image did not work as it should (on phone as well as output 1) and I was not able anymore to move a voice or an effect straight left or right. It just worked well with the second output. But there the main volume was not working.
I tried to get a repair but my shop and even Roland were not able to repair it and they even told me that this is how it should work. This was clearly a wrong answer since the other J80 in the shop was working correctly.
Finally I changed my J80 against this one in the shop. Now I am still happy with my J80
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